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Board of Regents push Univerisites to expand mental health services

Utah State University, KSL file photo

UTAH — After a rise in need, the Utah Board of Regents are pushing Universities to offer more mental health services on campus.

Melanie Heath, the Director of Communications for the Utah System of Higher Education, said many students start college with significant needs.

“A lot of students come to our campuses who have depression, anxiety or significant stresses in their life,” Heath said.

Heath said they organized a working group made up professionals and community leaders. That group put together recommendations for the Board of Regents that they approved. Now the board has sent the ideas on to state universities asking that they make them a priority.

“We’ll work with the institutions to make sure they are reaching the outcomes we requested.” Heath said.

She added that campuses can be a starting point, but the conversation about mental health needs should be a community one. No decision yet if the board will devise punishments for any university or state college who fails to meet those recommendations.

You can find the full list here: