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FBI to review officer-involved shooting

Lamar Ross, KSL TV

SALT LAKE CITY — A fresh set of federal eyes will take a look at a deadly officer-involved shooting in Salt Lake City. The District Attorney has asked the FBI to review his findings, after ruling the use of deadly force justified.

Patrick Harmon was shot multiple times last August. Police say they were arresting Harmon on warrants when the man broke away, then flashed a knife at the officers. That’s when they say the shots rang out. Harmon later died at the hospital.

After watching body camera footage of the shooting Harmon’s nephew, Lamar Ross said he wasn’t convinced his uncle threatened police. He met with the DA Sim Gill today and asked the man why the officer hasn’t lost his job.

“We both got the understanding it was a lack of evidence,” Ross said. “I can’t hold that against him, but at the same time I wish he would look more into it.”

Just a few hours after that interview Gill revealed that he sent a letter to the FBI asking that an agent review both the shooting and their declaration that the shooting was justified.

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