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North Logan mayoral candidate signs stolen, found in dumpster

NORTH LOGAN — Police are searching for surveillance cameras that may have caught the theft of almost all of a local mayoral candidate’s campaigns signs early this week.

Nancy Porter said she and supporters were out in the city around 10:30 Monday night placing the signs. When her husband woke up the next morning for a run, the signs were gone.

“It was heartbreaking. Really heartbreaking,” Hawkes said. “Who would do that?”

North Park Police Chief, Kim Hawkes, said it’s common for a handful of signs to go missing each year. But that is usually pranksters who take a few from all of the candidates.

“This is fairly targeted to one candidate, which concerns us,” Hawkes said.

He said police are now canvassing the area that Porter posted the signs. They hope to find some yard or porch surveillance cameras that may have caught the theft. Officers were able to track the missing signs to a dumpster. Porter plans to post those again this Saturday. In the meantime, her opponent offered to pull most of his signs to keep the race fair.