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Mary Kaye Huntsman talks: politics, international pressure and Russia

Mary Kaye Huntsman with Amanda Dixon, the host of "Women's View" and Utah's morning news on KSL Newsradio.

UTAH — The wife of America’s newest ambassador to Russia and Utah’s former first lady, Mary Kaye Huntsman, sat down with the host of KSL Newsradio’s “Women’s View” to give a little peek into the decision to accept President Trump’s ambassadorship nomination.

Mary Kaye Huntsman said the call came while her husband was on a crowded bus in Korea.

“I think John just stopped in his tracks. We had no idea,” Huntsman said.

She was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when he called her about the nomination. Huntsman said the nomination to be ambassador in China was something they predicted, but this came as a complete surprise. Huntsman said she hates the cold, but she told her husband “Let’s do it.”

This comes as relations between Russia and the US continue to deteriorate. Mary Kaye Huntsman said at this point we’re really scraping the bottom with Russia and they are ready to help things improve.

“We don’t take this lightly. We take it as a huge responsibility,” Huntsman said. “America is trusting us.”