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Middle school core requirements in front of state school board again


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The state school board has gone over a lot of feedback for their decision to no longer make PE, arts, health, music, and college and career awareness as core requirements in middle school.

It is on the agenda again for their monthly meeting Thursday afternoon, October 12.

Deputy Superintendent of policy and communication for the state board of education, Angie Stallings, says the board could make a motion to amend or hold the rule or send it to committee, or take no action and therefore let the rule stand.


“It was a split vote, it isn’t an easy issue. There are pros and cons to both sides,” said Stallings.


She said in addition to 3 hours of public comment in September, the board also received 200 pages of written public comment.


Board members say they wanted to give districts more flexibility, but say the classes are not going away.


“We are not telling districts what to do. The districts can still maintain the standards that they have. We are just giving them more leeway to do so,” said Board member Scott Nielson.


Opponents say they worry kids won’t take the classes if they are not required.