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Twitter fued between candidates for Utah congressional seat

UTAH — A social media battle erupted this week between two candidates hoping to take a Utah congressional seat in November’s election.

Democrat candidate, Kathie Allen, tweeted two photos to the Republican candidate, Provo Mayor John Curtis. One photo depicted the white supremacist march in Charleston, complete with Tiki torches. The other was a photo of the Statue of Liberty. Allen’s caption read: “Pick a torch. You can’t have it both ways.”

“Anyone who looks at the tweet understands that she’s calling John a white supremacist,” said Danny Laub, spokesperson for the Curtis campaign, “I don’t think any rational human being looks at that tweet and says, ‘Oh she’s not calling him a white supremacist.'”

The Curtis campaign has called for Allen to take down the tweet and apologize, but the Allen campaign refuses. Spokesperson Daniel Craig Friend says Allen operates her own twitter account and was trying to show Curtis he has to make a choice between supporting President Donald Trump and the american people.

“The intent was to say look at the company you are keeping. Look at what the Trump agenda stands for,” Friend said.