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Insurance provided by NRA not sitting well with gun control advocates

VIRGINIA – Gun control advocates are taking aim at a kind of insurance being offered by the National Rifle Association which covers the legal costs of someone who may have fired their weapon on someone else.  Some are labeling it as “murder insurance.”

The National Rifle Association has been offering Carry Guard insurance since the spring, according to the AP.  The concern from opponents is that people will feel more comfortable about firing their weapon, knowing that their legal expenses will be covered.  “It can’t possibly be a device to enhance public safety,” according to Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah Board Member Gary Sackett.

His major concern is similar to that of other gun control advocates all over the country.  This could open the door to more cases of someone shooting first, then asking questions later.  Sackett says, “It seems to me that this kind of coverage could well encourage to act more recklessly in taking shots at people.”

However, Utah Shooting Sports Council Chairman Clark Aposhian says other companies have offered similar insurance for years, and there’s no evidence of people being more careless.  He says, “It’s nothing more than [like] having liability insurance on your vehicle.  That doesn’t give you the right to drive recklessly.”

Aposhian says there have been many cases across the country of someone using their gun in self-defense, only to be overwhelmed by legal expenses later.  “They end up spending their entire life savings or their family’s life savings, if it’s available, just to defend themselves against a civil or criminal action,” he adds.