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Brigham City gathers to honor the life of a teen killed in auto-ped

Alexis Nelson, 16, died Monday from injuries suffered when she and a friend were struck by a pickup truck while crossing U.S. 89 Sunday afternoon, Oct. 15, 2017. (Photo: Family photo)

BRIGHAM CITY — Friends and family came together today to remember a teen killed in a crash on Highway 89.

People are pitching in for a fundraiser at the local Fizz Drinks to put money away for the girl’s family.

“People that want to show their support can show that support through this fundraiser,” Lee Perry, a family friend said today. “This is a place Alexis loved to come.”

16 year old Alexis Nelson was killed after a pickup truck hit her and a friend, while trying to get to a pumpkin patch on the other side of the street. 14 year old Sarah Hardy was also hurt, and is still in the hospital.