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Orem Police arrest man after fake drug deal arranged on Snapchat

OREM – A man is booked into jail for attempted murder after police say he arranged a fake drug deal through Snapchat.

Police say the victim posted a snap on Snapchat, hoping to meet someone who could sell him a pound of marijuana.  That was answered by Pelenise Taouma, and they arranged to meet.  However, Taouma had no weed to sell.  Orem Police Lieutenant Craig Martinez says, “The suspect put a pound of laundry detergent in a bag.”

Martinez says Taouma and the victim met near condos on 900 North, and the victim got into Taouma’s car.  “When the victim pulled out his money, the suspect pulled out a handgun and said, ‘Give me your money.’  The victim said, ‘No,’ and ran out of the car.  That’s when the suspect fired off two shots,” Martinez says.

The victim was identified first, and Martinez says Taouma was identified later.  He was picked up at his girlfriend’s house in Orem

Martinez says a lot of people are under the false impression that the things they post on Snapchat disappear forever.  He adds, “People think that they send stuff on Snapchat, and because they can’t see it anymore after 30 seconds, they think it’s gone.  That’s not the case.  These cell phones are like mini computers in your hand.”