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Police looking for person of interest in Murray shooting

MURRAY – Police are hoping a picture can help them track down a person of interest in a shooting near State Street in Murray.

Investigators say the victim was shot in the head by a man who walked up to his car while in a parking lot near 4500 South.  After being shot, the victim accelerated his car, and caused a serious crash.  He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.  However, investigators are hitting some obstacles in determining who the victim is.  Murray Officer Kenny Bass says, “There was no identification on him.”

Bass says they’re hoping they can identify the victim by processing what was found in his car.  “Whether there’s further evidence in the car, as it’s being processed, hopefully that becomes uncovered,” he says.  They believe they could learn more about a potential suspect after getting information about the victim.

Meanwhile, Bass says there are ways the public can help their investigation. “If they have any information as to the suspect, if they saw the suspect or if they live in the area and have surveillance video.”