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Governor’s office pushes for donations in Puerto Rico relief mission

SALT LAKE CITY– Utahns have teamed up with local businesses and the legislature to fund a supply trip for Puerto Rico. The island has been mostly without power for over a month after hurricane Maria swept through.

The group has about 150 volunteers and has already completed a relief trip. Vince Dilly was on that mission, and said the devastation was worse than he realized.

“It’s a different story when you know on someone’s house and they’ve been in the dark for over a month,” Dilly said.

Another volunteer, Puerto Rican native Carilou Alvarado, described the fear locals feel at six every night when the sun goes down and the island is plunged into dark. That’s the focus of this relief mission- bringing solar generators and other supplies. Dilly said the group started out with a dozen volunteers and has grown rapidly.

The Lt. Governor will lead the next trip to Puerto Rico on November 17th. He and Governor Gary Herbert are asking locals to help fund the supplies they will hand out. You can donate here.

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