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Idaho couple grows corn maze to help daughter with cancer

PRESTON IDAHO — A farming couple have turned their little community Halloween maze into a fundraiser for their daughter facing stage four pancreatic cancer.

The maze was meant to be an experiment for an empty-nester couple who just moved back to their home town. But when Gerry and Nick Crookston learned their daughter was facing cancer- they turned their community project into a fundraiser that has drawn in people across Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

“People are coming to help her,” Gerry Crookston said. “It’s been really encouraging.”

Their adult daughter has six kids of her own and has been making the trip down to Salt Lake City for treatment. Nick Crookston said the family was overwhelmed by the cost and emotional shock of the disease and the community’s generosity has given them strength.

“Good to see people doing good things,” Gerry Crookston said. “So many good people in this world.”