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Not all buses being used by schools meet safety standards

Some charter schools and private schools in Utah are finding out the hard way that they just can’t use any bus to transport kids to activities.

The Utah Highway Patrol inspects around 3,000 school buses a year, but they found a handful of cases where a bus was being used that did not meet state standards.

“We have the standards that say, besides color and lights, they have to meet every other standard that a school bus does,” Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Greg Willmore told a Utah board of education committee.

He says in one case, an old motorcoach was purchased to move kids. in another, a school was gifted two UTA buses.

Rules cover things like seat compartimalization for safety, the right color and size of lights, and storage compartments.

“We are not saying these buses are not safe, but are they safe enough for transporting the baseball team and things like that,” Willmore said.