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St George police say scammer called them from Nigeria


St George, UTAH– Police say a man from Nigeria called dispatch to report a local woman was supposed to send him money.


In the call, the man says he thought he could trust the woman, who he says was a friend on Facebook.


He says he can’t send money via Western Union to another person in West Virginia, so he sent a check to the St George Woman and asked her to wire the cash for him, but it never happened.


The dispatcher tries to get more information but he hangs up.


St George police posted about it on Facebook. They say they think the man was recording the call on his end to try and use it in his scam, to pressure the victim by saying he had called local authorities.


St George police used the opportunity to share more information about scams and how they are run. It’s unclear who the local woman was, or if she fell for the scheme.