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Highland boy praised for quick thinking during mother’s seizure

Photo credit: KSL

HIGHLAND – A mother is thanking her seven-year old son for knowing what to do while she was having a seizure set off by a cancerous mass in her brain.  He alerted many people who were able to get medics to treat her.

Corri Huish had already survived thyroid cancer, but, she is now dealing with a tumor in her brain.  She had already planned to have surgery to remove it, but, as it turns out, she needed to have it sooner than expected.

On the 25th of October, Huish was having an argument with her son, Finn, because he was refusing to go to school.  Corri Huish says, “I turn and I start talking to him, and I can’t talk.  I’m slurring my words.”  Finn says, “She was mumbling.”  She collapsed after that.

Finn springs into action.  Huish says he ran outside and saw moving company workers at a nearby house.  Finn says “I said, ‘My mom might be dead.’  Corri adds, “He said, ‘My mom might be dead,’ and I’m sure that got their attention.”

The movers came into the home to help and call 911, but, Finn wasn’t finished.  Huish says he texted many of the contacts on her cell phone, including a group of people she travels with, a group of women she plays Bunko with and a man she’s dating.  “I’m just really proud of him that he knew what to do because I don’t know if every seven-year old football player would know,” she says

Huish was taken to a nearby hospital and has already completed the surgery to remove the mass.  The next step in her treatment is to schedule chemotherapy.  However, she says she could have suffered a lot more damage if Finn hadn’t been nearby to get help.  She says, “That little stinker wouldn’t go to school, and it was actually a blessing.  So, it was really, really awesome.”  She then turned to Finn and said, “But we don’t not go to school just so we can get mommy to the hospital.”