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New professional women’s soccer team announced in Salt Lake City

RIO TINTO STADIUM – Real Salt Lake team owners make a major announcement, saying there’s one more professional soccer team in the Beehive State.  This time, it’s the women’s turn to take the field.

There are still a lot of things that need to happen before RSL’s women’s team kicks off in April.  Team officials have selected a team name, but they’re still working on the official team logo and they’ll both be unveiled at the same time.

A packed house filled the Interform Room at Rio Tinto Stadium to hear the announcement.  Owner Dell Loy Hansen says, “You can’t imagine what that does for my heart and our organization’s spirit to see so many people that are so excited to bring women’s professional soccer here to Utah.”

Team managers and directors say they believe the women’s team could sell out the stadium, just like the men frequently do.  He also says they will make sure the women get the same level of resources as the guys.  “We made that a point in bringing women’s soccer here is the lockers rooms will be equal.  The food will be equal.  The participation will,” Hansen says.

Hansen says he built a bond with his children through sports like tennis and soccer, adding, “I look at my granddaughters and I think, ‘I want them to have every opportunity that any male would have.’”

This team will be the tenth of the growing National Women’s Soccer League.  Technical directors say they have not picked a head coach, but, will start interviewing candidates in the next few days.

Governor Gary Herbert had this to say to the top leaders of the NWSL.  He says, “To quote a phrase from the Broadway musical Annie, ‘I think you’re gonna like it here.’”