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Senator Hatch gets into shouting match over tax reform

Debate over the GOP tax plan exploding into a shouting match involving Utah senator Orrin Hatch and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown Thursday night.

Senator Hatch said he was sick of Democrats saying the tax cuts were just for the rich.

“It’s a nice political play – but it’s just not true *shouting disorder* listen – I’ve honored you by letting you spout off here… but what you said is just not right.”


Listen here:


This argument gaining traction online.  Senator Hatch saying it takes a lot to get him this worked up, but he’s from the lower middle class and worked to help people his whole career.

The House passed a bill Thursday and now the Senate is working on its own version,  and once that’s passed, they need to merge the two into one plan. President Trump has already made clear with Republicans he wants this bill on his desk before Christmas.