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Roy woman brutally attacked by dog

Swollen arms

ROY — A woman is on the mend, after a pitbull attacked her in a trailer on Tuesday.

Jill Quick said she was hanging out with a friend and feeding cheetos to the dog. Someone she didn’t know came and took the dog out of the trailer for a few mintutes, when he brought the dog back it went beserk.

“I feel bad. The dog wasn’t a bad dog,” Quick said. “He was giving us kisses and then just snapped.”

Quick said the dog jumped up on the wall and bit down on her arm. A friend tried to pull the dog off, and was attacked briefly but Quick said in second the dog was biting down on her upper arm again.

“I have five deep cuts, two of them are all the way to the bone,” Quick said.

Quick was saved by her friend, who finally pulled out a knife and stabbed the dog. She said she’s sad the dog died, but grateful her firend was there to help.

Quick received more than 75 stitches and sutures at a nearby hospital, but will have to return to the hospital in a few weeks for more work. Right now Quick is left with a right arm that is swollen to almost twice it’s regular size, and bandages most of the way up.

Swollen arms

Roy Police say they are still investigating to determine who owns the dog, and why it attacked.