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Police give Black Friday shopping tips

This weekend is a big one for shopping – but also a big one for thieves.

Walking through the Murray Best Buy parking lot, Unified Police Lt Brian Lohrke pointed out some things he notices right away.

“A lot of pickups without bed covers,” he said. “SUVs and hatchbacks with the window glass all around the back area that you can easily see in,” he added.

Sometimes a blanket or coat isn’t enough of a deterrent, so get a cover for your pickup truck or back SUV window. Tuck things away into a car trunk – and remember to lock your car.

“If you are shopping with people, designated a teammate to stay with the big purchases,” said Lt Lohrke.

He said if you are going from store to store, take your purchases home in between stores, so they aren’t waiting in your car.

And he says bring maybe only one credit card with you and not a lot of cash; you don’t need a big fat wallet or purse that can be easily stolen.


Watch for car prowlers as well, or something that doesn’t look right in the parking lot or store.

“If you see something, say something,” he said, adding that often police are stationed right by these major stores and respond quickly.