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Lone Peak Police looking for package thief

HIGHLAND – The Lone Peak Police Department is trying to track down a thief who appeared to have a very busy weekend, stealing packages from porches.

Eight families reported packages being stolen from their homes.  Investigators can’t confirm that all of the thefts were committed by the same person, but, two of the thefts were caught on video.  Detective Dave Ventrano says the video shows what appears to be a well-covered woman running up to the porches, stealing the packages and leaving in a getaway car.  He says, “The vehicle was a white passenger car and it looks like it was missing both of their rear hubcaps.”

Ventrano says the person in the video wasted little time in ransacking what was in the boxes.  “The person, I think, was stealing them, opening them up and seeing if there was anything of value, then if there wasn’t, dumping the items.”  Some of those items have been retrieved, but, Ventrano thinks there could be more victims out there.  “One of our officers responded to [a call] and he found some other packages and actually found another victim and they weren’t even aware they were a victim at that point,” he says.

There are steps that Ventrano says people could take to ensure their packages will not be taken from porches.  He says, “When you order a package, order it so you have to sign for the package.  You could also have the package delivered to your work.”