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Sex assault experts ask for empathy as more high-profile accusations surface

UTAH — It’s not that women and men have been holding their tongues for years. Sexual assault experts in Utah say the reason we are only hearing about these accusations now is because no one was listening before.

“It’s kind of frustrating because all of a sudden people care. They’ve been shouting this from the rooftop for years and nobody would listen.” said Maria Haight, the Executive Director of the Rape Recovery Center.

Now that victims have the spotlight, Haight says they want to keep the ball rolling and encourage locals to step up when they know something is wrong.

“It’s needs to be tied to lasting change,” said Turner Bitton, the Executive Director of Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault. “The best way men can get engaged in embrace the roll of a bystander and to setp in when things are going on. Say I am not okay with that comment. Really be present and engage in converstations instead of withdrawing.”

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