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Photo shop employee hopes video can help police find a car thief

DRAPER – It was quick.  It was quiet.  It was all caught on camera.

A woman is caught on video stealing a purse from a photo studio in Draper, which led to something even bigger being stolen.

The victim in the case, Ashley martin, says she remembers the woman hanging around the lobby of the FotoFly in Draper.  Martin says she just assumed the woman was there with one of the photographers.  However, the suspect is later seen walking into the back room of the studio and taking Martin’s purse with her car keys inside.  She says, “She just took it and went outside and found my car and drove off.”

Also inside the purse was about a week’s worth of tips.  She says they receive a lot of tips this time of year from families taking pictures of their kids on Santa’s lap.  “Especially around Christmas season, you don’t think that’s going to happen.  You learn the hard way there are people like that,” Martin says.

The company is sharing the video, hoping someone will identify who the woman is.  In the meantime, Martin is overwhelmed with the support she has been getting.  “We posted one video of the surveillance on our web page and there are so many people that have watched it,” she says.