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Missing Riverdale man, daughter reportedly spotted in Las Vegas

RIVERDALE – Investigators say there has been a break in the search for a missing man and his two-year old daughter.  However, officers still have a lot of questions about why the man left Utah in the first place.  They’re growing more concerned since both father and daughter need medical care.

Maribel Stinger is begging her husband, Joshua, to come home with their daughter, Gabby.

She says he said he was going to go home after he was involved in a minor traffic accident.  She says he has a medical condition which sometimes causes him to run from certain situations.  Stinger says, “He panics and prefers to run, to go and be alone.”

Stinger says her husband would never intentionally hurt Gabby, but, their daughter needs urgent medical care due to cancer.  “She’s in chemo.  She needs medicine and she has to be here for the next appointment,” she says.

Officers tracked activity on Stinger’s debit card, leading them to a restaurant on the Las Vegas strip.  Riverdale Police Lieutenant Casey Warren says, “We spoke to an individual who identified them and said, ‘I did see them here, at the restaurant.”

The Stinger family doesn’t have friends or family in Las Vegas, so, Warren says they don’t know why he chose to go there.  However, investigators don’t believe he’s a threat to his daughter.  Warren says, “There’s nothing that leads us to investigate anything criminal in nature at this point.”