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Ty Detmer’s nephew Zadock Dinkelmann decommits from BYU

From Zadock Dinkelmann's Twitter account

From Zadock Dinkelmann’s Twitter account

After Ty Detmer was removed as BYU’s offensive coordinator, people wondered what would become of the commitment of his nephew Zadock Dinkelmann.

He’s a high school quarterback in Texas, and plays under his grandfather Sonny Detmer.

Monday night he tweeted that he would de-commit from BYU due to the unfortunate circumstances. We can only assume he means his uncle’s position.

Three years ago when Dinklemann was in 8th grade he committed to LSU but that was not binding.

This past spring he committed to the Cougars. Now it’s not clear where he’ll go.

It could mean BYU’s 2018 recruiting class will probably dip below 60th in the country after losing that three-start recruit.

Statement from Zadock Dinklemann