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Utah’s governor says Steve Bannon’s attack on Mitt Romney is Mormon bigotry

AP photo of Steve Bannon at a rally in Alabama Tuesday

SALT LAKE CITY — Gov. Gary Herbert slammed Steve Bannon, former chief strategist to President Donald Trump, as a “Mormon bigot” Wednesday after Bannon accused Mitt Romney of hiding behind his LDS faith to avoid serving in Vietnam.

“The personal attacks here, which have no role in really good quality debate on issues, this smacks of good old fashioned Mormon bigotry. I think that’s what Steve Bannon has demonstrated with his comment. He’s a Mormon bigot,” Herbert said on KSL Newsradio’s “The Doug Wright Show.”

At a rally for Moore on Tuesday night, Bannon told the crowd that Romney avoided military service during the Vietnam war by instead serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in France. He went on to attack his integrity and his family.

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