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Cottonwood Heights Police officers spend own money to help homeless woman

Two Cottonwood Heights Police officers are getting attention for reaching into their own pockets to help a woman in need.


This week Officers Kevin Salmon and Joey Incardine got a call about trespassing at a restaurant.


“She was at the safest place she felt she could be, at Dennys,” said officer Salmon.


“She was continuously paying for small items so she wouldn’t have to leave,” said Officer Incardine.


It was a woman in her late 60s who was homeless; she had fallen on hard times, and didn’t feel safe at the downtown shelter.


But the partners didn’t want to put her outside in the cold. They split the bill for two nights at a hotel.


“She gave Joey a big hug. She gave me a hug too, but he got a big hug. He’s handsome,” said Officer Salmon.


“We weren’t expecting this, we weren’t expecting anyone to figure out about it,” they said.


They also got her connected with more resources and services. Cottonwood Heights is getting more homeless coming to this area but the city does not have the resources like there are downtown Salt Lake City.


The Cottonwood Heights Police department says as the news of this kindness spread, they got a large donation to go toward the VA program and resources for women in need.

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