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Police presence expected to increase after WVC auto-pedestrian crash

WEST VALLEY CITY – The West Valley Police Department will be stepping up their patrols around schools after an auto-pedestrian crash that severely injured a seven-year old boy.  Plus, grief counselors were especially busy at that boy’s school.

There may not me snow or ice on the roads now, but, the West Valley Police Department is telling drivers to think of sun in your eyes as just as dangerous as any other problem due to weather.  Lieutenant Kent Stokes says, “Every time we have snow or ice on the road, or the sun in your eyes, people travel the same speeds. They just don’t realize that it takes us that much longer to react when things come up.”  He also says pedestrians also need to be more aware of cars around them and understand that not all drivers can see them.

Granite School District Spokesman Ben Horsley says there may have been dozens of students at Hillside Elementary who may have seen the crash, or they came across it when they were walking home.  They had educators go from class to class to see if any students needed to be consoled.  Horsley says they’re also trying to quash any rumors about the child’s recovery.  “This child is going to survive, but he has had some extensive injuries and multiple surgeries,” he says, adding “We want to be factual in what really occurred, and at the same time, kids are feeling some anxiety.  We did have an increase in absences from families whose kids were afraid to come to school.”