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South Weber residents beg for help with sand problem

Photo: Mike Anderson, KSL TV

SOUTH WEBER — The sand is out of control. That’s the cry from frustrated home owners who have been bombarded with sand from a nearby excavation pit.

Sean Swedin said his family has owned a home in the neighborhood near the Staker Parson sandpit for forty years. He remembers sweeping sand off the porch, but says the problem has increased over the last five or six years.

“This is way over the top,” Swedin said. “It gets in our cars. It gets inside our home through the attic. The granual get in our doorknobs. We can’t open our doors sometimes because the key has all the sand junk in it.”

Swedin told KSL he’s reached out to the company and to the city without success. City Manager, Tom Smith, said the company has been there far longer than the neighborhood and they have the right to say, but he added help is coming. He said Staker Parson officials have “mentioned that they want to do a stucco-type composite material that they’d spray over the top of the dust and dirt they’re excavating, so they can trap it and hold it down.”

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