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UHP warning drivers of the dangers of driving in fog

SALT LAKE COUNTY – It isn’t rain or snow that’s causing traffic hazards on Utah’s roads right now.  Safety officials say people need to be mindful of the problems that come with morning and evening fog.

The Utah Highway Patrol did see an increase in the number of crashes with the increased fog.  Lieutenant Todd Royce says people are slowly remembering that driving in the fog is akin to driving in the snow.  “Reduce your speed.  Increase your following distance.”

He says some people who suddenly drive into a fog bank have a tendency to stop while in traffic, which he says is extremely dangerous.  “Don’t stop in the lane of traffic.  That’s where we start to get these big pile-ups and those big chain reaction crashes.  Slow down but keep moving, and move off the interstate as soon as you can,” Royce says, adding, “If you’re involved in a crash in the fog, or any inclement weather, please, if your vehicle is drivable, move off the interstate.”

Plus, Royce says even if there isn’t any rain or snow, the roads are still slick.  “You can see it around, all stuck to the trees.  It does the same thing to the roadways,” according to Royce.