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Governor announces proposed budget, emphasizes technical education

DAVIS TECHNICAL COLLEGE – The governor is unveiling his $16.7 billion dollar proposed budget.  Over half of the funds would go to education, but, he’s hoping to put an emphasis on technical training.

If the budget is approved, over $34 million would go to the creation of a new health building at Davis Technical College.  President Michael Bouwhuis says there would be additional money that would go to all school in the System of Technical Colleges, and they have ideas on what they would do with that funding.  He says, “We’re looking at expanding the IT programs because the demand is so high.  We’re expanding our allied health programs.  We’re expanding into robotics.”

The governor says $9 billion would go to education, in all and he’s proposing $9.5 million in additional money for technical education, roughly a ten percent increase.  “The importance of the emerging need for technical education cannot be overstated,” Herbert says, adding, “We cannot continue to have success, quality of life, and economic growth if we don’t have the skilled labor force that lines up with the demands of the marketplace today and in the future.”

Herbert says his budget would need no tax increases and wouldn’t create any new debt.  Other items of his budget include $10 million dollars for Operation Rio Grande, nearly six million dollars to improve Olympic venues and nearly $600 million in the transportation fund.  He’s hoping to also create more flexibility with that fund so money can be applied to mass transit projects, also.  “Maybe there are some areas of transit that we can take out monies and help and get a better return,” Herbert says.