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Habitat For Humanity construction site hit by burglars

OGDEN – A construction site for the non-profit group Habitat For Humanity is a repeated target for thieves.  One of the victims says the dedication of his house keeps getting delayed because of it.

Travis Parsons has volunteered for Habitat For Humanity in the past, but, the disabled veteran didn’t think he would qualify for one of their homes.  He’s currently living on a budget of one thousand dollars a month, and wouldn’t be able to eat after paying for rent and utilities.  He’s looking forward to the day he eventually moves in.  Parsons says, “It’ll be the first time in a really long time that I’ve had a place of my own.  Getting out of the camp trailer is just going to be a blessing.”

However, the dedication of his house will had to be pushed back until later this month since thieves broke into the construction site to steal supplies, again.  A few months ago, Parsons says thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of tools, adding the site was hit again just this last Saturday.  “Somebody cut the locks on the planks and ladders and stole a bunch of planks and ladders off the job site.”

Parsons has little respect for the people that took the supplies.  He says, “To steal from a non-profit organization is, pretty much, as ow as you could probably get.  It’s just a bad deal and it keeps setting us back.”

Officials with Habitat For Humanity says they’re short roughly $15 thousand in all.  However, Interning Superintendent Rick Boman says there has been a silver lining to this situation, and that the community support in the wake of the burglaries has been amazing.  “People were stopping by, dropping off compressors, nail guns and any tools they had,” Boman says.

(Photo Credit: Mike Anderson KSL TV)