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Police investigate report of abduction in West Jordan

WEST JORDAN – Investigators are asking for the public’s help in determining if a teen was possibly kidnapped from outside an apartment complex on Center Park Drive.  They’re treating it as an abduction, even though they admit they’re not sure if that’s what happened.

Police were called to the scene before eight in the morning after a 10-year old boy called them, saying he saw a teenage girl get into a fight with two adult men.  West Jordan Police Officer Scott List says, “She ended up in the vehicle and one of [the two men] got into a large black van and the other one got into a white car that was parked right next to it and left the scene.”

Apart from that, List says they don’t have much to work with, but, they have a description of the victim.  “The victim is a blonde, Caucasian female between the ages f 12 and 17. She was wearing a pink sweater and grey pajamas,” List says.

List says even if the boy’s witness testimony is accurate, that doesn’t mean he watched an abduction.  The confrontation could have been between an ungovernable teen and family members.  They’re asking anyone who may have seen anything in the area to give them a call.