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Pioneer Park Coalition looks to the future

Advocates are working on big new plans for the Pioneer Park area of Salt Lake City, as they see success from Operation Rio Grande.

The Pioneer Park Coalition says state, local and federal leaders and agencies have been working together to bust 3 major drug cartels in phase one, getting the Medicaid waiver in phase 2, and now employing homeless people again in full-time jobs in phase 3.

Next, the Pioneer Park Coalition wants to see families come back to the park.

“The objective is family friendly 24/7,” said Scott Howell.

Howell says they also are imagining something like a school campus or educational resource center.

“Giving them the hope and the faith and the opportunity to succeed,” he said, adding it could have day-care, help with GED or pre-k and more.

The coalition is donating money, and Howell says the city council has the funds.