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Teen pleads guilty to attempting to kill 14-year old girl

CACHE COUNTY – One of the teens accused of luring Deserae Turner from her home, then telling his friend to shoot her in the head, pleads guilty in court.

Inside the courtroom, Jayzon Decker quietly said “guilty” to the charges of aggravated attempted homicide and obstruction of justice.  He stayed quiet as the details of the crime were read to him.  Decker’s friend, Colter Peterson, had already confessed to shooting Turner in the back of the head and leaving her for dead in a canal.

Turner’s father, Matt, says the family is just grateful they won’t have to sit through an emotionally grueling trial.  “These boys admitting their guilt was the right thing to do,” Turner says.

Deserae Turner quietly cried as the prosecutors spoke about all the health concerns she’ll have to deal with for the rest of her life because of the shooting.  However, Matt Turner says his daughter is making steady progress, and the family has recently gotten a service dog for her.  “This cute little puppy brings Dez joy,” he says.

Meanwhile, he says the community has shown an incredible amount of support for his family, including fundraisers that have helped the Turner’s cover their medical bills.  “Because of these things, Dez is getting the medical treatment and medical devices that help her the most,” Turner says, adding, “We’re thankful to all of those who have rallied around to help her and to those who make it possible for Dez to try all avenues to heal.”

Prosecutors say they couldn’t be happier with the plea deal.  Attorney James Swink says Decker’s sentences could be handed down consecutively, if the judge decides.  Swink says, “The state gets everything we would want if we were to go to a jury trial.”

Sentencing is scheduled for February 7th.