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Kaysville chickens touted as model citizens

Kaysville chickens use the city crosswalk to cross the road. Captured by the Kaysville City Police Department.

KAYSVILLE — Instead of asking why the chickens crossed the road, today officers asked how?

Police Lt. Paul Thompson said an officer pulled up to a city intersection today just in time to see three chickens calmly cross the road one-by-one in the crosswalk.

“Using all the proper crosswalk protocol and everything. I was flabbergasted. We couldn’t have staged it better,” Thompson said. “Apparently our crosswalk enforcement is the best in the state.”

On a more serious note, Thompson said the winter weather brings black ice and slick roads. He asked drivers to slow down early on roads, just in case they hit a slick spot, and reminded pedestrians to use the crosswalks and look both ways before leaving the sidewalk.