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Reactions to President Thomas S. Monson’s death

SALT LAKE CITY — As people arrived on LDS Temple Square Wednesday morning to work or provide service, they spoke about their feelings for President Thomas S. Monson, who died Tuesday evening at about 10 PM at the age of 90.

They express surprise, shock, sadness, acceptance and gratitude.

“He was just a really gentle guy. Even when he was saying things that could be taken as chastisement, it was impossible not to feel loved,” said Ben Shumway.

“The only prophet we’ve known is President Monson, and President Hinckley before that,” said Katelyn Shumway.

“I knew his time was coming, but, when I was baptized in the church, he was the prophet I grew up with, so it is heartbreaking to hear he passed away,” said Larry Waybill.

Others say they loved his teachings, his humor, his stories. They were sad when he was not able to attend LDS General Conference because of his health. And they hope his family can feel peace.