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Middle school core requirements update in Utah

FILE PHOTO: Jeffrey Allred / KSL News

A policy on middle school courses that got a lot of feedback throughout the fall is now been changed, and educators hope it is a good balance.

The change means you can earn credit for a course by showing it has been completed, so that could mean private music lessons or extra-curricular activities. But those subjects are not going away in middle school.

Board member and junior high teacher Jennifer Graviet says she hopes this new policy is a good balance between the UEA and Cultural Alliance and parents.

“Most people, if you talk to the community at large, we care about having a well-rounded educated populace whether they are our children or not,” she said.

Some board members say the August vote was rushed, but they never wanted to say they did not value arts, music, PE or health.

“I’m an English teacher, but I’ll tell you what, my kids who are in the arts, PE or CTE – they bring a richness. I teach in junior high, and those kids need as many opportunities as possible to find out who they are,” said Graviet.