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Company asks Utahns infected with Hepatitis A to donate plasma

UTAH — As the Utah County health department tries to get a handle on the number of people infected in a new hepatitis A spread, another company is asking the people infected to donate their plasma.

The company is called Biolynk and they use plasma from sick people to make test kits for doctors. Ron Hendry, CEO and President of Biolynk, said it doesn’t take much of the plasma to make the kit.

“Donating one time can be used to make a thousand hepatitis test kits,” Hendry said, adding that it’s difficult to find donors now that most people are vaccinated. “You don’t see illnesses like hepatitis A as often.”

Hendry said labs will use the infected plasma as a control while testing other blood for the disease. Because it is FDA mandated, he said they can’t produce any testing kits without the infected plasma.

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