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Davis County GOP leader apologizes for controversial Facebook post

DAVIS COUNTY — Controversy continues over a badly worded Facebook post from a leader within the Davis County GOP.

Casey Fisher, precinct chair for the Davis County Republican Party, posted “The more I study history the more I think giving voting rights to other not the head of household has been a grave mistake.”

Comments exploded on social media, bringing Fisher threats through email, Facebook and his phone.

“He just didn’t think about how he worded it. What it sounded like,” said County Party Chairwoman, Teena Horlacher, “He’s just a guy who made a dumb comment.”

Horlacher went on to say the comment has been blown out of proportion by people for political reasons.

Fisher released a statement today saying, “I Casey Fisher, full-heartedly support the rights of all women and men to vote. The Facebook post in question is not an opinion I hold. It was a poorly written statement to spur discussion between Facebook friends about a subject I had been studying, that of the disintegration of patriarchal families. I was wanting to create a space and discuss peoples thoughts on whether the step away from patriarchal families led to the decreased discussion of politics in the home, in turn becoming a taboo topic. I did not create the post in any way [to] deny the voting rights of women. When individuals started to put this meaning to the post, I tried to restore the topic I was wanting to discuss, that of patriarchal families. Many were stuck on their own thoughts and beliefs and not willing to hear the actual topic of discussion. After many threats and harassing comments about me, my family, and my beliefs, I have deleted the post and shut down my Facebook. I have kept quiet because I have not felt safe. Again I would like to state with a resounding voice, I stand for all men and women and their right to vote! I encourage all men and women to become involved in politics.”