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Investigation into possible pizza for parking scheme in SLC

The Salt Lake City Mayor’s office says four parking enforcement officers have been fired amid an investigation that they were taking bribes in the form of pizza.

The city in a statement to KSL says they’ve opened up 3 three investigations into compliance officers, who were allegedly offered free slices from Sicilia Pizza downtown… in exchange for not writing tickets.

But this morning Sicilia Pizza’s owner is firing back.

“There was no deal. My people have private parking behind the building, why would they do this?” said Amrol Hararah.

“There was no deal for anybody,” he said.

He believes none of his employees would have done it without his permission.

The office of the Mayor says they could not give too many details, saying that could interfere with the terminated employees right to appeal this decision.

But they did say the city takes fraud, waste, and abuse very seriously.