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Wildlife officials: watch for animals on the road

UTAH — Keep your eyes open for wildlife over the next few days. The Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) warned big game animals often head down into city streets and neighborhoods after big snow storms.

“It’s more difficult to find food,” said Mark Hadley, DWR spokesperson. “Realize that these big game animals will be closer to roads than they will be at other times of the year.”

Hadley urged Utahns to leave the animals alone if they enter yards. He said they can be dangerous when spooked, but also need to conserve their energy to survive the winter. He said it’s also important to avoid feeding the animals. Especially deer, because they have complicated stomachs that can’t handle foods like hay.

“They have a hard time digesting them,” Hadley said.

If an animal is acting aggressively or is making your family nervous he said you should call the DWR and they will send an officer out to help.