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Woman recovering after icy crash in rural Utah

UTAH COUNTY — A Utah woman wants to thank her rescuers after she lost control on a rural road in Utah County and was trapped inside her car in below freezing temperatures.

Tina Sperry, 61, told KSL she was on her way home Friday, January 26th, when she took a curve too quickly and lost control of her car.

“She slid off the road and struck a Jersey barrier, then careened across the road and 20 feet down a steep embankment,” The Utah County Sheriff’s office confirmed in a Facebook post.

It was about four degrees outside and Sperry said she was pinned inside her car when two men happened to catch sight of her tire tracks going off the road and stopped to check the scene.

Tire tracks in the snow. Courtesy Utah County Sheriff’s department.

“I heard a voice yelling ‘Hey down there. Are you okay?’ And I said, ‘No! No’. They said, ‘Are you hurt?’ And I said, ‘Yes!'” Sperry said.

The Utah County Sheriff’s office said Sperry is expected to make a fully recovery, but Fire fighters had to use equipment to cut the woman out of her car.

Courtesy: Utah County Sherrif’s Office.

Courtesy: Utah County Sherrif’s Office.


“We would like to meet them someday if we can and shake their hand,” Sperry’s husband, Ken, said.