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Utahns weighing President Trump’s first year in office

file photo from President Trump's December visit to Utah

file photo from President Trump’s December visit to Utah

President Trump ran for office by promising he would be unlike any other president. His first year proved that.

“I think the best word to describe the first year is tumultuous,” said Hinckely Instittue of Politics director Jason Perry.

Perry says Utahns look at what president trump has done with a scale in mind.

“They are putting things that matter the most on one side, and things that concern them on the other side and weighing what matters most to them against what they are willing to overlook,” he said.

Like a new Supreme Court justice.

“Neil Gorsuch was an out of the park hit for Utahns,” he said.

Reducing the size of the national monuments also mattered to many Utahns.

On the other side of the scale could be his high-profile feuds, tweets, firings and investigations.

But Perry says the good economy might be the tipping point for support from Utahns.

“It is still heavier on the side of my family is doing better now, because of the economy and because of tax reform, than they would have been doing otherwise,” he said.