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“Good Samaritan” bill sails unanimously through committee

UTAH STATE CAPITOL – A bill that would prohibit a lawsuit against a “Good Samaritan” who saves a child from a locked car passes through the House committee.  It would allow someone to smash open a car window, under certain circumstances.

If House Bill 152 passes through, it would add a layer of protection to anyone who takes a drastic measure to save a child from a hot car.  Representative Tim Quinn says, “This gives them the peace of mind that they can do what they think is necessary to save that child’s life.”

However, Tim Quinn says there are some restrictions that person has to follow.  For example, the window breaker has to call 911 first and stay until help arrives, they have to make sure there’s no other way to get in, and they have to believe in good faith the child is in danger.  Plus, Quinn says that person can’t do more damage than necessary.  “If you only need to break one window, break one window.  You can’t go around and break all four, then say, ‘Well, I’m not liable for that,’” he says.

The bill was unanimously approved by the committee, with no questions from other members.