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Rating the Super Bowl commercials

Chances are you’ll be talking about Super Bowl ads with family, friends or co-workers today.

UVU researchers tracked eye movement and engagement, and they found the top ad to be the Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice rap battle.

“I loved this ad, it was going so fast,” said Walt McRoberts with Richter 7 in Salt Lake City.

USA Today’s Ad Meter saw the most consumer votes for the Amazon ad when Alexa loses her voice.

On KSL Newsradio’s Facebook page, several commenters say they thought the NFL Dirty Dancing lift was funny.

The most re-watched moment of the Super Bowl for Star Wars fans was the Solo teaser trailer.

But the most unique was probably Tide.

“I loved how they tied that through the whole Super Bowl,” said Chanel Cartier with Richter 7. “It kept you thinking that every ad coming up could be a Tide ad.”

UVU says the avocados commercial had the least amount of engagement. And the ad for Ram trucks, using a Martin Luther King Jr address, is being criticized for connecting commercialism with civil rights.

But other humanitarianism ads got high marks, as in Bud’s and Toyota’s ads.