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Prison ordered for teen who plotted murder of Deserae Turner

LOGAN – The second teen accused of trying to kill a 14-year old girl in Cache County last year is sentenced to 15 years to life.  The judge ruled he was just as responsible as the boy who pulled the trigger.

Just like she did in the sentencing of the alleged gunman, Colter Peterson, Deserae Turner did not hold anything back against Jayzon Decker.  She asked Decker, quite directly, “What kind of person are you?  You are evil,” adding, “You planned with Colter to shoot me in cold blood, leaving me to die.”

Turner spent several minutes describing the physical pain she will always have to deal with after she was shot in the head.  She still can’t control the left side of her body and can’t see out of her left eye.  She told Decker she hopes he thinks about her every time he does something she can’t, like dress herself or uses both of her eyes.  Also, she told him that every time he gets a headache, he should multiply it by 1000, because that’s what she feels.  “When you realize how terrible your life is, don’t you dare blame me,” Turner states.

Decker’s defense team asked for leniency, claiming that he was not as responsible as the gunman, but, the judge disagreed.  Turner hopes Decker never gets out.  “You should never be allowed out of prison.  No amount of therapy, no amount of counseling and no amount of time will fix you, as you are evil.”

Outside the courtroom, she told reporters she regrets telling Peterson, she hates him, saying, that’s not really her.  Turner says, “I realized I don’t hate these boys.  I hate what they did to me.”

Her father, Matt Turner, wants to thank the people who have shown the family support since the shooting, saying their donations have helped them with her medical expenses.  “We pray that as a worldwide community that has come together to rally for our Des, we can now begin to heal together,” he says.

(Photo Credit: Pool File)