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Brigham Young University installs “family friendly” section in student library

courtesy: BYU

PROVO — A University famous for students with young families, is now offering a child-friendly section in its student library.

BYU wasn’t the first to do it. University of Utah and Utah Valley University both have their own family friendly zones for students trying to bust out an “A” while caring for a busy toddler.

BYU’s library communications director, Roger Layton, said they’ve wanted their own section for a few years but were only recently able to find the space.

“It’s constantly busy,” Layton laughed. “It’s entertaining to go by and see a whole table of students studying. Just one guy has his baby there and he’s dragged his whole group into the zone.”

Picture Courtesy: BYU

Picture Courtesy: BYU

Layton said the area is stocked with baby toys that are cleaned in a dishwasher overnight. So far the only complaints he said the library has received are from past students who are disappointed the zone was installed after their graduation.