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Engine cover blows off during flight to Hawaii

Passengers are talking about a terrifying flight over the pacific and emergency landing in Hawaii.

The United Airlines flight had taken off San Francisco. It was over the Pacific, when suddenly, passengers heard a loud bang.

“It was truly like being inside of a gigantic washing machine that had just had all the towels moved to one side. It felt like the whole plane was gonna shake apart,” said Micahel Moniz.

Anyone who looked out the window saw a terrifying sight- the cover had blown off one of the plane’s engines.

“We continued to see different pieces of debris and bolts kind of flying out of it, hitting the side of the plane,” said Aaron Ebert.

But the plane landed safely in Honolulu.

“The pilots kept the plane very steady and I can’t compliment them enough,” said one passenger. “It landed very smoothly, it was amazing, really was amazing,” said another.

The FAA is investigating what went wrong.