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President Trump endorses Mitt Romney’s senate run

SALT LAKE CITY – Senate candidate Mitt Romney is in Utah, saying now is the time he needs to visit every county in the state to meet the voters.  However, he’s already facing a lot of heat from both sides of the political aisle.

On the political left, the Democratic National Committee has criticized President Trump’s endorsement of Mitt Romney, saying they’re not surprised and calling him “another multi-millionaire looking out for himself.”  They claim Romney has now fully embraced President Trump.

Romney says he’s pleased with the endorsement, and, he’s been in agreement with several of the president’s policies.  However, he says, “There have been times when I have disagreed with the president on certain things he has said, and I’ve pointed that out,” adding, “I think the president respects people who speak their mind.  They’re not politically correct, or, if you will, ‘party correct,’ either.  They say whatever they think is right.”

Also, Democrat Jenny Wilson tweeted, “On the record and proudly so: I have never, and WILL NOT ever, take funds from the NRA, gun manufacturers, or tobacco companies. This has been my consistent position throughout my political life.”  Romney responds, “I’m not going to be taking money from any of these national PACs, whether it’s the NRA or any other, unless, of course, the PACs all come in and start attacking me. Then, I’ll have to rethink that.”

On the political right, conservative candidates have already taken out ads, calling him a carpetbagger who practically invented Obamacare.  Romney says this is all part of the political game.  “I’m not going to get the support of everybody on the right, or everybody on the left,” he says.

(Photo Credit: Composite photo, Associated Press)