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Trooper describes near-miss on snowy roads

FARMINGTON – A Utah Highway Patrol trooper who was nearly hit by an out-of-control driver in Davis County is pleading with people to slow down in bad weather.

The UHP is releasing the dash-cam video that was caught on tape.

This is the section of southbound Highway 89 in Farmington that connects to I-15.  Sergeant Nate Powell was setting up cones around a single car slide-off.  “[We were] still calling for more units to shut the whole ramp down. They were on their way.  This is a bad spot to have a crash in,” Powell says.

That’s when it happened.

Powell says the driver of the second car was moving too quickly to handle the turn on the collector ramp.  He says, “Right when I made eye contact with the driver, I saw him react.  I saw the tires turn, but, the car continued to go straight, and he slid through the cones.”

He can be seen running out of the way while the driver crashes into another UHP vehicle, then slams into the car that was damaged in the initial accident.  He wasn’t injured, but, he’s telling everyone to be extra careful while driving in the snow.  “Even though the roads may look clear, when it’s this cold and snowy, you need to slow down to keep control of your car.  You may feel in control, but, it only takes that one little spot to lose control,” adding, “I know that guy, right when I made eye contact, he didn’t want to hit us.  I know he didn’t do that on purpose.”